Cats on Duty Gets Christmas Update

Cats on Duty Gets Christmas Update

Publisher ESDigital Games and developer Prikol Team are spreading some paw-some holiday cheer with a special Christmas update for the free Cats on Duty playable Prologue on Steam and Epic Games Store. 

As well as a festive new UI, there are additional quality-of-life updates to keep the fur flying as the battle-hardened felines defend their homeland from the pesky forces of evil. Keep your eyes open for enemies disguising themselves under festive hats, it's not just to keep their villainous heads warm!

Latest updates include: 

  • Holiday-themed UI added.

  • Game locations have been refined.

  • Some enemies now wear Santa hats to bring some seasonal joy! 

  • Battle cat mechanics are now even better!

  • The travel map has been made great again.

  • Cards no longer stop recharging if you slow the time down.

  • UI animations are so delightful now.

  • Fixed dashing through the interface with gamepad-controlled cursor issue.

  • Various game balancing improvements.

The Steam Prologue contains the whole first chapter of Cats on Duty spread over 10 captivating levels, each showcasing a unique challenge and certain game feature. There is even a minigame and a full boss fight to get your claws into to prepare you for what’s to come in the final game. 

That’s not all! Here, you can try out the co-op mode with your friends or family. One player focuses on the tile-matching field of the game screen to win the food needed to recruit and upgrade your battle cats, while the other builds an unbreakable line of defense. Co-op mode can be easily activated or deactivated from the start menu or as you play.

With ‘cat’ and ‘kitten’ difficulty levels available, you can adjust game difficulty on the fly should you find the current level too hard or too easy for your skills or mood. You will also be able to carry over your Prologue save files into the main game so you can either continue from where you left off or reset the game progress in the settings menu and start over!