Barotrauma’s Treacherous Tides Update Available Now

Barotrauma’s Treacherous Tides Update Available Now

Barotrauma’s Barotrauma developers Undertow Games and FakeFish plus publishers Daedalic Entertainment have unleashed a deceitful new way to play with the Treacherous Tides Update, available now. The traitor system overhaul injects new features, delves into campaign integration, and adds a variety of volatile events and new rewards. In over 4 years, the game has witnessed over 2.5 million downloads on Steam and boasts a bountiful modding community with over 50,000 fan creations. Join us on our collusion course.

Barotrauma is one of the games where playing evil is notoriously fun. Barotrauma is a 2D co-op submarine simulator set on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, featuring survival horror and RPG elements. The game has multiplayer as well as single player capabilities and a very active modding community: More than 2.5 million people own the game on Steam and there are more than 50.000 fan creations in the Steam Workshop to date. Barotrauma is known and loved for the amount of freedom and complexity it grants, especially in its well-balanced, sometimes hilariously chaotic multiplayer mode.

Need a refresher on Barotrauma without the drama? Watch our 1.0 release video and explainer here: 

In comes the Treacherous Tides Update: with the traitor system overhaul, the game gets new exciting features and content to make traitor gameplay more engaging, offer more variety, and to deeply connect it with the multiplayer campaign game mode. You can now invite treason to your travels in campaign mode as well by activating traitors in the campaign settings. Developer Fakefish has added two new settings for traitor gameplay in the server settings to up the ante:

Danger level: Controls the maximum danger level of the traitor events you may be assigned. You can use this setting either to limit how destructive traitors will be, or to add extra challenge.

Traitor probability: The host can now fine-tune how likely the appearance of a traitor on board, from 0% to 100%.

Successful traitors will receive XP and/or monetary rewards, and the possibility of chaining their traitorous acts with escalating danger. If the task fails or the crew correctly accuses the traitor, a new player will take their place for the next traitor mission.

In case you were thinking that winning sounded too good, here’s the catch: where the previous traitor system consisted of only 7 different events, after the update, there will be a total of 27 events that traitors may be assigned. Some of these events will also require multiple traitors to accomplish. These multi-traitor events will require special codewords to identify co-conspirators, adding a modicum of teamwork to the misbehavior.

The events bring with them new unique items to aid and abet your sudden and inevitable betrayal, such as:

  • The radio jammer, for tasks requiring privacy and silence.

  • Deepdiver ducks, for when you absolutely need something to throw.

  • Different types of timed explosives, to promote a sense of urgency.

  • The husk caller, for, well, you can figure that out yourselves?