AWAKEN: Astral Blade Demo Receives Update

AWAKEN: Astral Blade Demo Receives Update

ESDigital Games has updated the popular demo for the upcoming Metroidvania / side-scrolling action game AWAKEN: Astral Blade with a host of quality-of-life and balancing improvements following feedback from the community. 

Since the launch of the PC demo on Steam, developers Dark Pigeon Games has been actively listening to the valuable feedback from players and the community and working to improve the overall gameplay experience. 

The main feedback was focused on the difficulty of the game so the team has implemented some improvements and balancing to enhance the gameplay. Some of the key additions include: 

  • The entire UI interface has been reworked for ease of use. 

  • The mini-map function has been rebuilt, and you can now set markers on there. 

  • Optimised the main character for a more life-like movement experience. 

  • Players can lower the difficulty of the game if they die three times in the same place.

  • A new combo interface has been added where players can check the available combos at any time. 

  • Once the game is completed in normal difficulty mode, players can unlock the hardcore level to really test their skills.  

  • Rookie's Soul — when playing in ‘easy’ difficulty level a buff is applied to Increase the attack power and HP by 20% each every time the player dies.

The AWAKEN: Astral Blade PC demo can be downloaded from Steam now.