Ascendant Infinity Unveils First Gameplay Trailer

Ascendant Infinity Unveils First Gameplay Trailer

PlayFusion, the indie-studio with a neon-drenched, 80’s-infused,  explosive AAA vision, are pleased to reveal the very first gameplay trailer for their upcoming, over-the-top shooter, Ascendant Infinity.

This isn’t your granddad’s FPS, unless he’s into brand spanking new 3v3v3v3 squad-based shooters with serious balls. A shooter with game changing Event-balls and extensive adrenaline fueled Battle-balls.

What is an Adaption shooter, you ask? Well… think of an evolving team-based objective shooter where players must work together to not only overcome other teams, but also the ever shifting-world around them. Every time you go out, the map will be different. Landscapes, extraction points, strategies, events, teams. None of them stay the same, constantly reshaping the battleground, forcing you to out-think, outmaneuver, and outshoot the poor bastards eyeing your biocores. That’s what makes an Adaption Shooter!

Alongside the new footage, Playfusion also teased news of the game’s first Closed Beta coming soon! 

Players can sign up for the upcoming Closed Beta via When it begins, Closed Beta participants can look forward to experiencing;

A Battle for the Biocores - Set in a constantly changing BioPunk world where everything wants to kill you. Work with your allies, battle against three other teams, and give it everything you’ve got to come out on top and successfully extract the precious biocores. 

Unpredictable Firefights - Every encounter is different and adaptation is key. The very structure of the world will shift around you with each new visit, so learning to adapt is paramount to both your survival and your success. 

Your game, your way - Customisation is a fundamental part of the Ascendant Infinity experience. Dress and fight how you want with thousands of potential customisation options to choose from. Be a fashionista, or go for a bright and bold look, just so your adversaries know exactly who took them down. No matter what you choose, it’ll have blood all over it soon enough.

Persistent Lobby - Nobody likes waiting! A persistent social lobby, designed with players in mind, provides plenty of fun before the bullets start flying. A wide range of different experiences await, complete with leaderboards and speed challenges. Or hang out and make new friends before heading out into the thick of battle - this is your space to do whatever you want with.