Archery King Early Access Available in India

Archery King Early Access Available in India

KRAFTON, Inc. in association with RisingWings, have announced early access for the popular archery simulation game “Archery King” in India. The game is now available for early access on Google Play Store, where players can download and enjoy the test version of the game for free.

“Archery King” is a mobile game that simulates the thrill and challenge of archery, where players use virtual bows and arrows to aim at targets and score points. The game features various levels of difficulty, realistic physics, and diverse environments, to constantly challenge and engage players. The game has previously enjoyed immense popularity in India, having accumulated 20 million downloads in the region in the past. Now, KRAFTON and RisingWings are working together to tailor the game to the preferences of the Indian gaming community. During the early access phase, feedback on player experiences and preferences will be collected through comprehensive surveys, in order to craft a gaming experience that truly resonates with the Indian audience.

Minu Lee, Head of Publishing at KRAFTON India, expressed excitement, stating “We are very excited to bring back ‘Archery King’ to the Indian market, as we know how much the game is loved and missed by the fans. We hope that the early access version of the game will provide a satisfying and enjoyable experience for the players, and we look forward to hearing their feedback and suggestions. Our goal is to continue to deliver fun and immersive titles that resonate with the Indian community and constantly raise the bar for mobile gaming in the country.”

The early access version of “Archery King” offers a sneak peek into exciting features such as the “Challenge Mode” that offers 120 progressively challenging single-player stages featuring a variety of targets, from standard to moving objectives. This mode tests players' timing and precision, delivering an exhilarating gaming experience.

Dive into the early access version of “'Archery King” on the Google Play Store. Stay tuned for more updates.