Those Who Thrive in eSports Can Discover Fame and Money: Micron

Those Who Thrive in eSports Can Discover Fame and Money: Micron

The recognition of esports as a sport by the Indian government is a positive step towards the growth and development of the industry in the country. Commenting on the recognition by government, Rajesh Gupta, Director Sales - India & SAARC, Micron Technologies said, “The government's classification of esports as a multisport game in India is unquestionably a significant moment for the industry. Its accreditation has given the sector respectability, and it is expected to attract additional investment, sponsorships, and possibilities for professional gamers in India. Additionally, the government's approval has enabled esports to be incorporated in national and international sporting competitions. Its inclusion will allow Indian esports athletes to represent their country on a worldwide scale, perhaps leading to increased industry awareness and growth.”

Rajesh Gupta further added, “If one looks at the bigger picture for this industry, a definite plus is the creation of more opportunities in the industry, such as game developers, event managers, broadcasters, and professional esports players. With this the need for faster and better technology for creation, enhancement and support of the eSports arena is certainly anticipated and welcomed. Overall, the government's recognition of esports as a multisport game is a great step and it is expected to drive more growth and opportunities for not only professional gamers in India but also the stakeholders associated with the online gaming industry.”

Initiatives for Accelerating Esports Industry Growth

Talking about the efforts being put to push market growth, Rajesh said, “The Crucial brand has always focused to providing the latest & cutting-edge technologies with our DRAM and SSD products to Enthusiasts, gamers, content creators and professionals. Micron is a key enabler of Gen5 Technology and is the first one to work with the gaming ecosystem solutions providers on Gen5 Technology with our 232-L NAND design based products.”

He further added, “We are increasingly engaging with Gamers and Gaming influencers and exposing them to the latest of our products that would improve their gaming experience. It is important to note that with our Crucial products we help enhance the system performance on both memory and storage performance of the system. We have recently made the industry leading DDR5 DRAM and Gen5 SSDs widely available in the Indian market and Gaming community has been the first one to get the benefit of these superior technologies.”

Major Challenges for Gamers to Grow Professionally

Commenting on the challenges that gamers face these days, Rajesh Gupta, Micron Technologies said, “If you look at a global scale, professional gamers make millions of dollars in prize money and sponsorships in the eSports business, which has risen quickly in recent years. Yet, becoming a professional gamer is not simple, and there are several obstacles that gamers must face in order to be successful in this industry. There are several significant obstacles for gamers to overcome in order to compete professionally in the realm of eSports. The key are:

1.      The competition is fierce: Thousands of gamers compete for a restricted number of seats on professional teams in the eSports sector. To be considered for professional chances, gamers must have extraordinary abilities and be able to compete at the top levels. Hours of practice and devotion to mastering the game are required, as well as a thorough grasp of strategy and tactics. Technological parity is another factor that either makes or breaks the deal for aspiring gamers.

2.      Professional gamers are obliged to spend lengthy hours in front of screens, which can lead to physical and mental health difficulties. Gamers may suffer from eye strain, headaches, and back discomfort, in addition to psychological difficulties such as worry and anxiety. The task is that gamers must maintain a healthy lifestyle by obtaining adequate sleep, exercising on a regular basis, and taking breaks to rest their eyes and stretch their bodies.

3.      Keeping pace with technology: For avid gamers, their computer is the tool at their disposal. It is like the car for the racing driver. The Gaming computer must be based on the best hardware & software configuration and at the same time optimized for the kind of gaming challenge being undertaken. This is not a ‘one size fits all’ arena so this aspect adds significant challenge to the gamer’s preparedness and performance. So it is important for the gamers to be always updated, on the frontier of latest technology adoption and at the same time practice and gain focus during the competitions.

“Apart from these hurdles, gamers must be able to swiftly adapt to new games and techniques, communicate well with their teams, and have a strong work ethic and dedication to their profession .Overcoming these obstacles needs a mix of ability, effort, and perseverance, yet those who thrive in eSports can discover both fame and money,” said by Rajesh.

Support Required from Government to Drive eSports Industry Growth

Pointing out the suggestions that may push Indian gaming industry’s growth, Rajesh said, “The eSports industry has been growing rapidly in India in recent years and we are glad that it is now receiving a fresh impetus from the government. We believe that the while the government will take steps to enable the growth of the eSports industry in India, it is equally the responsibility of the industry ecosystem, players and experts to come together and help the cause. As of now the Indian eSports Industry needs the following boosters to ensure foundational strength and soundness:

1.      Infrastructure Investment: The availability of modern infrastructure is one of the most crucial aspects in the growth of eSports. This includes high-speed internet access, cutting-edge gaming equipment, and high-quality eSports event locations. Investing in such infrastructure will help the sector attract more participants and viewers.

2.      Talent Development: In order to build the eSports business in India, the talent pool needs development at all the levels. This includes both training and coaching programs for prospective players and opportunities for veteran players to demonstrate their abilities and achieve recognition. Industry first needs to come together to develop a basic framework in this regard.

3.      Cooperation with Global ecosystem: India has a developing community of eSports players and experts, but it needs to cooperate with international players and organizations to genuinely drive growth. This will assist boost Indian players' and teams' visibility while also providing possibilities for them to participate on a global platform.

“India has the potential to become a big participant in the global eSports sector with the collaborative efforts from multiple industry stakeholders,” concluded by Rajesh.