Garena's Free Fire India Launching in India on September 5

Garena's Free Fire India Launching in India on September 5

Garena Free Fire Max, a widely popular battle royale game is set to make its comeback on September 5, 2023. The game is returning with an updated version which will allow gamers to enjoy the most amazing gameplay. On its comeback, the Indian gaming industry is overjoyed and waiting for the game to take over the market again.

Better Gameplay Experience with Yotta

Yotta will revolutionize the gaming experience for Free Fire enthusiasts in India. Garena has come together with Yotta for seamless management of users’ personal data. Yotta will be the backbone of Free Fire India's cloud hosting and storage infrastructure in India.

The gaming industry leaders have also expressed their happiness over Free Fire’s comeback. Check out their views.

"Free Fire has always been an exciting esports title and one for which we organized several tournaments back in early 2022 before the ban. I am thrilled to see the game come back and look forward to including it in our original IPs while synergizing with Garena to grow the game in India. I anticipate it to reclaim much of its earlier player base while welcoming many new players as well,” - Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO, Skyesports.

"India has always been a pivotal pillar of Free Fire's global user base and its return opens the doors to exceptional avenues that will bolster the gaming landscape of the country With the game’s re-launch, there will be a remarkable surge in the frequency of tournaments with lucrative prize pools for players to make a name for themselves. The impact of the game will not be limited to just the competitive scenario as it will be a significant boost to the creators' community as well. By providing creators with diverse and immersive content, Free Fire India will enable them to grow and expand their fanbase within the industry. As the game gains renewed attention and engagement, there will also be an influx of interest as well as investments from brands into the ecosystem. We are excited for this new chapter to unfold and look forward to witnessing the rise of the video gaming sector in India,” - Animesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, 8Bit Creatives and Co-Founder, S8UL.

"The re-entry of FreeFire brings immense promise for players across the nation, amplifying the competitive spirit and paving the way for recognition and opportunities on a global scale.  Marking a pivotal step forward in the growth of competitive gaming, ESFI supports such endeavors which will guide the industry towards unparalleled growth and excellence. We anticipate a ripple effect that will encourage the inception of more high-profile tournaments and events. This move ignites the momentum needed to realize our collective vision of a vibrant and thriving esports landscape in India. India will now witness the continued growth of Esports prize pools and userbase with FreeFire India leveraging it further to invigorate our Esports landscape. While embracing this wave of progress, it is also crucial that the Indian government exercises vigilance over the aspect of security and data privacy. Safeguarding the interests of players and enthusiasts alike is a collective responsibility that ensures the sustainability and credibility of our Esports journey,” - Lokesh Suji, Director, Esports Federation of India & Vice President, Asian Esports Federation (AESF).

"Only a year ago with the bans on Free Fire and BGMI, the Indian esports scenario was struggling with a dearth of options for the country's mobile gamers. I applaud Garena in their efforts to bring Free Fire India and already make a commitment towards esports which will be a big boost to welcoming old and new players alike. While we don’t currently have an esports roster in the game, we are always on the lookout for potential titles to enter and Free Fire is certainly one on our radar,” - Rohit Jagasia, Founder and CEO, Revenant Esports.

"Free Fire India's launch is a game-changer, set to transform India's Esports scene. It heralds more tournaments, increased earnings, and massive prize pools, mirroring Free Fire's firm grip on India's user base. Despite no Indian teams at the Free Fire World Series 2022 Grand Finals, the Hindi stream astonishingly recorded peak viewership. As Freefire restarts in India, we're excited for viewership to break new records. This is an exhilarating time for our players who stand to reap huge benefits. At Gods Reign, renowned for crafting championship-winning rosters, we're in talks with several Freefire rosters. We can't wait to announce our new roster soon, adding another thrilling chapter to this vibrant esports story of Gods Reign,” - Devam "Dev" Vyas, Vice President-Esports, Gods Reign.

"The launch of 'Free Fire India' (FFI) holds significant implications for both players and the Esports industry. It signifies a renewed opportunity for players in India to engage with the game, with tailored features catering to their preferences. The introduction of Mahendra Singh Dhoni as 'Thala' adds a local touch, enhancing the relatability factor for Indian players. The introduction of Esports competitions, tournaments, and events with higher prize pools is likely to increase, aligning with Garena's aspiration to develop a robust Esports ecosystem in India, nurturing talent and fostering a competitive spirit. The focus on India is strategic due to various reasons. Despite challenges, India has a substantial mobile gaming audience & by reintroducing 'Free Fire India' with region-specific features and content, Garena aims to rekindle the excitement among Indian gamers and regain its position in the Indian gaming market. Additionally, the partnership with Yotta Infrastructure underscores Garena's commitment to ensuring a seamless gameplay experience that adheres to local regulations,” - Sagar Nair, Co-founder, and CEO, Qlan.

"Free Fire India coming back is definitely the biggest headliner for the industry at the moment. FFI players have been awaiting this news for the longest time (in fact even longer than BGMI players when BGMI was banned). While some professional players and creators have switched to different titles, the base for FFI remains one of the biggest in India (pre-ban numbers suggested that FFI had a bigger audience base than any gaming title in India). Even if we are able to recover about 70% of that audience base, the game will take no time to start breaking viewership records and compete head-on with other popular titles. It's been a positive year for esports so far, with games coming back, tournaments getting bigger, more brands taking notice, etc. Fingers crossed to see how FFI adds to this growth," - Rohit Agarwal, Founder & Director, Alpha Zegus.