Enjoy Ultimate Gameplay with GIGABYTE's 4K Gaming Monitors

Enjoy Ultimate Gameplay with GIGABYTE's 4K Gaming Monitors

GIGABYTE has earned widespread acclaim for its cutting-edge 4K tactical gaming monitors. The lineup includes M28U, M32U, and M32UC, caters to the increasingly powerful mainstream graphics cards, boasting an array of features including HDMI 2.1 ports, refresh rates of 144Hz or higher, and exclusive tactical functionalities that have garnered praise from consumers and tech experts. With various specifications, ranging from 28-inch to 32-inch flat and curved displays in India, GIGABYTE’s monitors cater to a wide array of leisure and entertainment spaces.

The M32U, a 32-inch monitor with a 4K IPS panel boasting a remarkable 160Hz refresh rate, has been recognized by RTINGS as the “Best Monitor of 2023” for its overall performance, making it suitable for RPG, action-adventure games, and top AAA titles.

Meanwhile, the M32UC, with its immersive 1500R curvature and rapid 1ms MPRT response time, has also been recognized as the “Best Mid-Range Curved Gaming Monitor” by RTINGS and the “Best Affordable 4K Gaming Monitor” by PC Gamer.

Rounding out the impressive lineup is the 28-inch M28U, praised for its versatility with the low input lag, rapid response time, and HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, making it a top choice for next-gen console gamers. Responding to community feedback, GIGABYTE has further expanded the 4K monitor lineup with the user-friendly Arm Edition variants on M28U and M32U models, featuring a stand-free, VESA-compatible arm design that optimizes desktop space and allows for flexible adjustment according to individual setup preferences.

Tailored for gaming enthusiasts, these monitors feature exclusive Tactical Features that provide gamers with the competitive edge they need to succeed. The Black Equalizer 2.0 ensures clear visibility in darker areas without compromising bright spots, while the upgraded Aim Stabilizer minimizes recoil blurriness in FPS games. The OSD Sidekick allows seamless control of monitor functions and settings via a simple software interface using a mouse and keyboard. Additionally, Game Assist offers in-game OSD functions, including a customizable crosshair, a counter, a timer, and multi-screen alignment lines, allowing gamers to maximize their gameplay experience.