DeepCool Launches LD Series AIOs for Gamers

DeepCool Launches LD Series AIOs for Gamers

DeepCool is proud to announce the launch of its latest advancement in liquid cooling technology: the LD Series AIOs. The LD Series AIOs mark a significant leap forward, combining cutting-edge features with unparalleled performance to cater to the needs of gamers and high-end users alike.

Building upon the success of previous DeepCool AIOs, the LD Series AIOs introduce a host of new features designed to elevate your cooling experience. The highlight of the LD Series AIOs is the inclusion of a multi-line CPU status screen, providing real-time monitoring of power consumption, temperature, and usage. This innovative feature not only streamlines one’s use of desktop space, but also ensures that crucial CPU vitals are readily accessible.

Key features of the LD Series AIOs include:

  • NEW 5th Generation High-efficiency Pump: Optimized for maximum heat transfer, the new GEN 5 pump boasts coolant flow microchannels and a powerful 3400 rpm 3-phase 6-slot, 4-pole drive motor.

  • Large Display with ARGB Halos: Vibrant ARGB double halo effect enhances the premium aesthetics of the LD Series AIO pump design while providing multiple data points for simple monitoring.

  • Real-time CPU Status Screen: Keep track of system CPU performance at-a-glance, with real-time updates and a high-temperature warning indicator for added peace of mind.

  • Fine-tuned FD12 ARGB Fans: Superior cooling performance is achieved with whisper-quiet operation, thanks to the newly optimized FD12 ARGB PWM fans with Hydro Bearings.

  • Easy Installation: The included mounting hardware ensures a hassle-free installation process, compatible in both Intel and AMD platforms.           

The LD Series AIOs represent a significant milestone in DeepCool’s commitment to delivering innovative cooling solutions. With the integration of advanced features such as the real-time CPU status screen and its new GEN 5 pump, there is confidence that the LD AIOs will set bar in cooling for the digital era.

Available in sleek black or stunning white color options, the LD Series AIOs are offered in 240mm and 360mm radiator sizes, catering to diverse user preferences. Additionally, with support for ARGB motherboard sync and anti-leak technology, DeepCool ensures compatibility and reliability for every build.

Availability, Warranty, and Pricing
The LD Series AIOs are available in both 240mm and 360mm radiator sizes, MSRP at ₹11,000 and ₹15,000 respectively, catering to different system configurations. Users can choose between sleek black and elegant white color options to match their setup. As a testament to DeepCool's confidence in their products, the LD Series AIOs come with a 5-year warranty, alongside the DeepCool worldwide customer service and technical support network.

DeepCool's LD Series AIOs are set to revolutionize the cooling and monitoring experience for enthusiasts, gamers, and users seeking peak performance. With a host of advanced features and a commitment to quality, these coolers embody DeepCool's dedication to pushing the boundaries of PC cooling technology.­